An addiction treatment center has to do a lot of things correctly in order to successfully deliver a client into recovery. They have to acquire a full understanding of the client’s circumstances and addiction history prior to assigning an addiction treatment program. If an addiction program is going to be effective, it has to be the right program with the most suitable therapy options. At the core of the treatment process sits one program that towers in importance over all the others. That’s the individual therapy program at the Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana, FL.

Preparing for an Individual Therapy Program

Before a client begins any type of therapy program, they need the right mindset. That might require them to do certain things to prepare themselves for the rigors of therapy. First, they have to have some level of commitment to the entire treatment process. If they aren’t willing participants, the likelihood they will get what they need from therapy diminishes.

Another thing a client has to deal with before they can focus on therapy is the potential for withdrawal. In the addiction treatment community, there are detox programs that give the client the opportunity to go through withdrawal in a safe environment. Arguably, some withdrawal symptoms can be just as dangerous as a substance’s side effects. Under the watch of medical staffers at the Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana, FL, a detox program allows the client to deal with withdrawal, knowing help is standing by if issues arise.

The whole point of a detox program is to remove any obstacles that will interfere with the client’s ability to focus on therapy.

The Importance of an Individual Therapy Program

The reason an individual therapy program holds so much importance is because it’s the mechanism that prompts real recovery. If we put a client in our individual therapy program of the  Lantana Florida option at Lucida Treatment Center, we do so for a reason. That reason is we need the client to get something very important out of the process.

What do we want clients to learn in our individual therapy program Lantana Florida option? We want them to learn the a doctor and patient talking during Individual Therapy Programtruth about their addiction. Everyone who enters rehab does so with something that’s causing them pain. It could be almost anything, including physical pain, trauma, a psychological disorder or stress. Whatever it is, the client needs to know and understand the driving force behind their addiction.

For the client’s part, full participation in individual therapy has to include complete honesty. They have to be able to sit with their therapist and tell them what is in their heart and soul. For the therapist’s part, they have to serve as a guide and teacher. In the end, they need to help the client understand where their triggers lie. The participation from both parties is what serves as the essence of a good individual therapy program.

After learning the truth, the client should be in a better position to understand what they need to do to avoid relapses. In all likelihood, the therapist will help them create the right coping and life skills they will need to battle their triggers. The combination of support resources and good copings skills is the key to keeping future problems at bay.

Addiction Treatment at Lucida Treatment Center

For us, the concept behind our addiction therapy program in Lantana Florida is all-encompassing. It actually includes all the options and services we have at our disposal to treat clients. What our therapists do is make every effort to combine the options at their disposal into a custom treatment plan. With the right combination, recovery is attainable in every case. Our addiction treatment services include:

When you are ready to arrest your addiction, you need to be ready to bare your soul in an individual therapy program. If you can commit to that level, you will find addiction treatment is your ticket back to living like a regular person. The therapists at our Lucida Treatment Center want to help you with that. For more information, you can dial 1.866.947.7299.