Medication assisted treatment programs offer a beacon of hope to those who are struggling with certain substances. There is also a great deal of confusion surrounding them. Often offered while a client is undergoing residential addiction treatment in Lantana, Florida, these programs can also be found in other settings. Lucida Treatment Center utilizes the program in programs such as outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization.

What are Medication Assisted Treatment Programs?

elder person filling out form at the medication assisted treatment programA medication assisted treatment program — which might also be referred to simply as MAT by addiction specialists — is a combination of three elements that aim to treat the whole person. Using medications approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this treatment program combines them with behavioral therapies and counseling.

Medication assisted treatment programs get a lot of attention as a method of treating those who are struggling with an opioid addiction. Before the opioid crisis, though, this type of treatment saw great success with those people who struggle with an addiction to alcohol.

Benefits of Using Medication Assisted Treatment

A number of people who have previously struggled with an addiction to opioids or alcohol have found success when using a medication assisted treatment. It offers evidence-based benefits that have helped them turn their lives around and recover from addiction.

One of the biggest — and most important benefits to clients — is the use of medications that have been approved by the federal government. Medications such as buprenorphine, -, and naltrexone are often the medication of choice in this program to treat opioid addiction. If a client is struggling with alcohol use disorder, they might be prescribed naltrexone, acamprosate or disulfiram (Antabuse).

The medication component of this treatment is vitally important to both clients and the medical community. The purpose of these medications is to reduce the cravings for the addictive substances that have taken over their lives.

Another notable aspect of using these medications is that they help reduce the effects that withdrawal tends to cause. These side effects can range from the physically painful to the emotionally wrenching to the mentally challenging. Weathering these withdrawal symptoms can be difficult for even those clients who are firmly on board with getting treatment. Having access to medications like those noted above can help them transition from addiction to recovery more smoothly and successfully.

For many people who struggle with addiction, there are underlying reasons for their use. For example, some don’t have the coping skills they need to deal with life’s setbacks and disappointments. In other cases, there could be underlying issues with trauma, abuse or co-occurring conditions that patients need to address in order for the client to fully heal and recover.

How to Find Medication Assisted Treatment Programs in Lantana, Florida

Because medication assisted treatment programs are comprised of different aspects, it makes sense to choose one that is offered by a comprehensive treatment center. For many people, detoxification is the first step in their recovery. Undertaking this step in a medically-supervised setting ensures that the client has the medical support that they might need. Medications that could help with withdrawal symptoms might also be prescribed during this step.

Other services provided by medication assisted treatment programs in Lantana, Florida include:

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